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Sonic Vice MONSTER TREASURE are Time Travelers from the halcyon summer of 1993 where they got lost on tour with Drop Nineteens and The Breeders. Favorite track: Hy in the Skigh.
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self-titled EP // AVAILABLE at PHONO SELECT in SACRAMENTO, CA or E-MAIL: and we'll see what we can do for you!


released February 29, 2012

all songs written by Monster Treasure, recorded, edited, and mixed by Ben Hirshfield



all rights reserved


MONSTER TREASURE Stockton, California

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Track Name: Hy in the Skigh
high in the sky waiting for you i don't know why i just have to big purple clouds i can't see through i don't know why i just have to why can't i fly reaching for you i don't know why i just have to days turn to nights time just slips through i don't know why it just has to i don't know high in the sky waiting for you i don't know why i just have to big purple clouds i can't see through i don't know why i just have to soon we will die it must be true so let's get high and party through
Track Name: This
smoking wrapped-up mass of green around the block of dampened streets feeling something heard and just seen drive around with no regard waiting for the heal of scars to be left on my skin as a reminder tell me what is this runaway don't runaway runaway don't runaway sitting in a lonely bar party talk goes way too far drink and numb unsubtle courage in a double suck tequila off ice cubes loud voices become abuse nothing even seems to muse me tell me what is this runaway don't runaway runaway don't runaway we're abandoned in this town safe yourself and wear a frown empty houses up and down empty stores all around homeless puke all on the streets boarded windows tags complete broken dreams left in defeat dragging on through all this heat laughter rings from levee side moon beams down in black of night what goes on up in the sky delicate horizon line i was here and reside home is never dignified no one's ever satisfied quick to whine and crucify nothing else to do but drive park somewhere and get real high crackhead zombies walking by meth heads all strung out on bikes take it all in a stride feeling life is on standby what is yours and what is mine i am here and we are here tell me what is this runaway don't runaway runaway don't runaway
Track Name: Our Minds
it will be alright i bite my nails to the bone don't apologize reflections off blue waves so bright just look to the sky the clouds are perfect fluffy white nothings wrong tonight motel 666 drags on moonlight they break into our minds lets go for a ride well drive until the sun goes down well look for the bright side well burn the pupils of our eyes it's all in your mind what are the people looking at it's all in my mind as if were wrapped in neon lights they break into our minds my forehead drips with sweat we'll walk around the block tonight i dont know who i've met the open signs they shine so bright im too fried to dance this club is empty all the time it's what the drink demands still all the people stand in line they break into our mind but it will be alright
Track Name: Origami Nerds
yesterday you were born under lights of fluorescent you thirsted for sunshine this life is yours this life is mine i think about death quite a lot lately with my buffalo we could live in my tipi our hair will grow where do we find the creases unfolded complimentary of green make my eyes red until they bleed until im brain dead it rained gold shimmered so bright had to close my eyes said spirit dont die where do we find the creases unfolded
Track Name: I Don't Giv'a Shit
think any better think any worse seems the future's a traveling hearse in a sea of swine having fun and wasting time i dont give a shit anymore government fucked nothing to blame weed rum and candy to ease the pain fed up with nothing eating my anger i don't give a shit anymore aint no fun in being hip -ster has always been a jip i'm so sick of all that shit want to be behind the scenes interested in the rare wanting real change forced not to care jealously is a waste assholes win and no taste i don't give a shit anymore In a child's eyes feeling the let down feeling less grown up nervous breakdown cut the mold from the bread cut the molding of life i don't give a shit anymore count your nickles count your dimes more control less organized triumph of government crime there is no truth there are no lies brains become mush paralyzed and hypnotized away from the numbers they keep you closer i don't give a shit anymore i pledge allegiance to over production tied hands of the mass appeal of a federal nation to fear of a system with the illusion of no way out i don't give a shit anymore
Track Name: Amy Chan
china doll makes no sense at all amy chan where did you go hey come on wait hold on